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Rules & Regulations

The Rules & Regulations are in place to ensure safety and enhance enjoyment. As a participant, your respect for the Rules & Regulations ensures not only your well-being, but that of the other players, spectators and volunteers. Good sportsmanship is fundamental. Any fighting, intimidation and/or intoxication will not be tolerated and can result in expulsion from the tournament and grounds.


  • * Teams must have a minimum of 7 players and maximum of 11 players.
  • * Each game is 3-on-3 plus goalies.
  • * Co-ed teams are allowed.
  • * Players can substitute for each other at any time.
  • Players must have running shoes and sticks, it is recommended that players wear helmets and gloves.
  • Goalies must wear a helmet with a facemask.
  • * Games continue rain or shine.
  • * If a goalie has possession of the ball, the opposing team must provide enough space so
  • * that the goalie can give the ball to a teammate.
  • * If the ball gets put out of play, the opposing team is provided with a new ball.
  • * Each time a goal is scored, the scoring team must retreat to at least half court.
  • * A referee is in charge of each game and decisions are final.
  • * Standard ball hockey penalties apply. High-sticking, cross-checking, tripping, slashing,
  • * hooking, elbowing, too-many-men and goalie interference, result in penalty shots.
  • * Fighting, shoulder-checking, pushing, or other aggressive behaviour are not tolerated
  • * and can result in players being banned from playing.
  • * If an injury occurs, the game will be stopped immediately and suspended until the injured player is removed.
  • * Any player deemed intoxicated will not be allowed to participate.

* If you are unsure of any rules, please contact 1-416-726-9478 for clarification.